3 bar charts with Tesla's key performance measures relative to Ford and GM

Tesla's Rising Market Capitalization

Tesla's market cap has risen over ten-fold from 2013 to today.  Its current market cap surpasses both Ford and General Motors.  It is now the fourth most valuable auto manufacturer, behind Toyota, Volkswagen and Daimler.  Tesla's value is so high despite delivering significantly fewer vehicles, generating less revenue and employing fewer workers than its US rivals.  These figures are highlighted in the three charts below:

Three charts show key performance figures for Tesla, GM and Ford, growth in Tesla's market cap from 2013-today, and market cap of top 10 auto companies.

I combined three relatively simple charts into one slide to put Tesla's market cap in perspective.  The left-most 100% stacked bar chart compares the three US auto manufacturers on three size measures--vehicle deliveries, revenue, and employee count.  Since each measure is shown in different units, I used the bar labels to show these.

The second 100% stacked bar char tracks the relative trend in market cap for Ford, GM and Tesla between 2013 and today.  You can see how Tesla grew relative to the other two and surpassed each between 2015 and today.

The third chart is a simple bar chart that compares Tesla to its large rivals around the world.  I laid this chart our vertically to fit it into my three chart slide.

I used common colors across the three charts and only needed a single legend, which I added to the middle chart.  I also aligned the margins of the charts so that they paint a single picture.

You can download this chart from SlideShare to edit it using Mekko Graphics.