Bar mekko charts with top 1% income by U.S. county for large and small counties

The 10 Richest US Counties

Based on the average income of the top 1%, the richest counties have either very large or very small populations with Manhattan and Teton, Wyoming leading the two size categories.  The less populous, mostly rural and Western counties, have populations between 3,ooo and 23,000 and incomes between $4M and $28M.  The more populous, mostly urban and suburban and Eastern counties, have populations between 300,000 and 1.6M and incomes between $4M and $8M.  The two bar-mekko charts below capture the income and population data for the 10 counties:

The bar-mekko charts show the two measures for each county with population set as the bar width and income as the bar height.  I chose to use two separate graphs because of the bi-modal distribution of county populations.  If both large and small counties were on the same graph, the smaller ones would be two narrow to view.  I also added an axis break to shrink the bar for Teton county as it was an outlier with over triple the income of the next richest county.  The above chart is in SlideShare and can be downloaded and edited using Mekko Graphics.