Marimekko Chart of Winter Road Treatment Costs by Region and State

The High Cost of the Winter of 2014/15

While the snow is gone from outside Mekko Graphics’ headquarters in the Boston suburbs, the costs of last winter’s record snowfall is still being tabulated.  States in the Northeast spent over $500 million on snow removal and road treatment (e.g., salt and ice melt).  Pennsylvania led the way with $272 million and Massachusetts was second in spending with $154 million.  The Northeast as a whole accounted for almost 50% of the national spend.  Surprisingly, even the Southern states had to fight the snow and ice spending $168 million.  The data, summarized in the Marimekko chart below, comes from the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials and is based on 36 states that reported their costs.  Unfortunately, some larger states like New York and California did not report their data.

Winter Road Treatment Costs

The Marimekko chart organizes the data by state reported by the AASHTO into regional data.  This permits readers to look at the relative impact of costs on each region and on each state.  You can see that Pennsylvania and Massachusetts combined account for almost 80% of the Northeast spend, Ohio and Michigan over 60% of the Midwest spend, and Maryland over 60% of the South spend.  I custom-colored the chart to use different shades in each region.  This highlights the regional differences.  Here is the chart in SlideShare to download and edit using Mekko Graphics: