Bar chart of above/below par for each hole at Masters

The Masters Hole by Hole

The easiest holes to gain strokes at the Masters golf tournament are the four par 5s, as shown in this bar chart.  They are the only holes that average under par.  The hardest are 1, 11 and 18—three par 4s that average at least .25 strokes over par.

All the par 4s and par 3s played over par on average in the 2017 Masters tournament.  The par 4s had the widest variance.  The 460 yard, 9th was the easiest par 4 and the 5th easiest hole.  It played at .01 strokes over par.  The 445 yard, par 4 first was the hardest hole.  It played at 4.46 strokes over par on average.  Maybe some first hole jitters accounted for some of this.

The par 3s at 170, 180 and 240 yards played at .13, .23 and .20 strokes over par.  The par 5s ranged from 510 to 575 yards and were between .07 and .33 strokes under par.  These were the holes that generated the low scores for the players.

Horizontal Bar Chart with Data Columns

Bar chart of above/below par for each hole at Masters

How I Created the Horizontal Bar Chart

I wanted to capture graphically the information in the articles that always come out before the Masters and provide hole by hole guides.  The Golfshake article is an example.  The articles describe each hole and discuss how hard it is.  They provide the hole name, yardage, difficulty rank and average score.  I thought a chart might make it easier to compare the holes and identify the scoring (easy) holes and the ones that the players are happy to walk away with par.

Here is how I made the chart:

  • created a table with data for each hole as a row in the table in a new horizontal stacked bar chart
  • calculated +/- par from hole's par and average score
  • used switch/bars/series button in Mekko Graphics Data Editor to treat each row as a bar instead of a series
  • displayed all bars, except +/- par as data columns
  • adjusted margins to leave lots of whitespace to left of bars
  • hid bar labels
  • moved data columns to left of bars and spaced them evenly
  • changed colors of negative bars to red and positive ones to green

Take This Chart and Make It Your Own

Download this chart and edit it using Mekko Graphics.  See more bar-line chart examples in our Chart Gallery.  Check out our videos to learn more how to make a bar chart and how to add data rows to your charts.

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