Bubble chart of Top 10 airline routes by revenue

Top 10 Airline Routes

Airline industry revenue data for 2019 showed the Top 10 airline routes (based on revenue) by airline. British Airways' New York (JFK) to London (LHR) route was the largest by revenue and was the only route to exceed $1B. Nine of the Top 10 routes actually posted revenue declines on a year over year basis. The Quantas Melbourne (MLB) to Sydney (SYD) route was the only one with a revenue gain.

Notice the variability in the revenue per hour (shown as the X axis on the bubble chart) for the top routes. British Airways had the highest revenue per hour while Air Canada had the lowest on its Vancouver (YVR) to Toronto (YYZ) route.

The revenue data was for the 12 months ended March, 2019 and was published by OAG

Top 10 Airline Routes Bubble ChartBubble chart of Top 10 Airline Routes by Revenue

How I Made the Top 10 Airline Routes Bubble Chart

Here is the data in the Mekko Graphics data editor. 

Data sheet for Top 10 Airline Routes bubble chart

Here's how I made the bubble chart:

  • Copy the data from the Top 10 Airline Routes OAG table into Excel
  • Add the # ranking to the route (series name) and calculate the YOY change
  • Select a palette in the Mekko Graphics Preference Manager with at least 9 colors to make it easy to apply chart colors
  • Add a bubble chart to a PowerPoint slide 
  • Copy and paste the data from Excel into the Mekko Graphics Data Editor in PowerPoint
  • Reduce the chart margins to make the chart area wider 
  • Under Edit Chart, on the General tab, make the horizontal and vertical quadrant lines visible
  • On the Values tab, format the Y axis to show as a % and add the $ as currency for the X axis
  • Add a legend to the chart (using the data in the Group column) and format it to show in series order
  • Under Format Axes, add a Y axis title with a position of Top Tick Aligned
  • Change the scale for the Y axis to be -.25 to .05
  • On the X axis tab, add the axis title and set the manual scale to be 10,000 to 30,000
  • Add a title on the Reference Bubble tab and add a $ to the value
  • Choose Select All Labels on the right click to format all chart labels to be the same size
  • Manually drag the series labels that are overlapping
  • Insert a carriage return in the labels that have a single line so they show on 2 lines

Take This Chart and Make It Your Own

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