Bar mekko chart showing percentage of immigrants and number of immigrants for Top 10 immigration countries

Top 10 Countries for Immigrants

Since immigration is a global hot topic, I decided to compare the share of the foreign-born population across the leading countries, based on the total number of immigrants. You can see in this bar mekko chart that the US has nearly 4x the number of immigrants as the #2 country, Germany. In fact, there are more immigrants from Mexico living in the US than there are total immigrants living in Germany. However, the US has a relatively modest immigrant share of the population when compared to other Top 10 countries like the UAE, Canada and Australia.

Immigration Bar Mekko

I added an axis break to this chart to manage the outlier, UAE, and make it easier to compare countries. I added two data rows to improve the chart. The first, Immigrants, is the same data that is used for the bar width. It is often helpful to add this type of data to make it easier for your audience to understand the chart. I also added a data row with text for the Top Country of Origin, including that country's percent of total immigrants, to expand the message of the chart.

You can download this chart on SlideShare: