Bar mekko chart comparing military spending for top 10 countries

Top 10 Countries for Military Spending

The US leads all nations in military spending with a $596B budget that is double that of China's $215B.  Among the top 10 budgets, only Saudi Arabia spends more per capita than the US, $2,778 compared to $1,854.  Both countries are far above the worldwide average of $235.  India spends $40.  This is the least per capita among the top 10.  The bar mekko chart below, based on 2015 data from the SIPRI Military Expenditure Database, summarizes total spending per capita and total spending:

Military Spending Per Capita chart only

SIPRI provides military spending data that is downloadable in Excel format.  I extracted total spending and per capita spending for 2015 from the spreadsheet and pasted it into the Mekko Graphics Data Editor.  I used the Switch Bars/Series feature as the data table in Excel had a row for each country and I needed the countries to be in different bars.  I then made a data row from the total spending bar and also used this bar to set by column widths.  I created a sum for all bars to calculate the worldwide average per capita spend.  I added this as an average line.

I then did some chart formatting.  I removed the X axis, Y axis and chart borders to give the chart a cleaner look.  I widened my margins so that the chart took the full width of its container.  I made the bar labels for Japan, Germany and South Korea vertical as there was no room to display them horizontally without overlap.  I also moved the average line label into the first bar.  There was a great deal of room for it there.

Here is the chart in SlideShare to download and edit using Mekko Graphics: