Bubble chart showing visit days, spending per day and visits for Top 10 UK destinations

Top 10 UK Travel Destinations

London had over 18 million visitors in 2015, which was the most of any UK destination.  These visitors spend over £110 per day and stayed 6 days.  While visitors stayed at other destinations longer, they spend the most per day in London.  Cambridge and Oxford had above average visit length and spending.  Birmingham and Glasgow were below average in both.  The data came from the UK Office for National Statistics and were provided by our new partner in the UK, Goodman Lantern.  The data are summarized in the bubble chart below:


I used a bubble chart to capture the two key characteristics of travel spending--length of stay and spending per day--and a measure of the importance of each destination--number of visits.  I adjusted the axis scales and added quadrant lines to the chart to help categorize the destinations into low and high on each of the two characteristics.   This bubble chart is a good counterexample to the rule that all axes should start at zero.  Here is the chart in SlideShare to download and edit using our software: