5 charts that captured the most attention in 2016

Top 5 Charts

We reviewed all of the charts from the Chart of the Week series for 2016 and we noticed that there were significant differences in popularity, both by chart type and topic, as compared to 2015.  In 2015, 3 of the top 5 charts were marimekkos, 1 was a bar mekko and the other was a bar chart. You can see that the bar chart was the dominant type in 2016, claiming 3 of the top 5 slots and, surprisingly, a scatter chart made it into the top 5. The topics were diverse, ranging from technology to social issues (income inequality).top-5-charts-of-the-week-2016-no-logo


The most popular chart of the year was this comparison of the financial performance of top tech companies. This stacked bar chart is a powerful one to have in your financial analysis toolkit because it allows you to compare across companies, countries or divisions (as shown below) or show the trend for a single company (by showing multiple time periods and adding a CAGR column). We have recommended variations of this chart many times, and we made a video in response to a user who asked how to compare the financial results for 10 different countries in a single chart.


Here are the Top 5 Charts of the Week for 2016 on SlideShare.