Bar Mekko Chart of PC Market Growth by Competitor

The Top 5 PC Makers Are Growing While the Market is Shrinking

Led by Lenovo and Dell, the top 5 PC makers shipped between 5 and 11% more units in Q3 2014 than in Q3 2013.  All other PC makers combined shipped 18% fewer units.  The overall market was almost flat, shipping about 2% fewer units.  Among the top 5, HP was the laggard shipping 5% more units.  Lenovo, Dell, Acer and Apple all shipped between 9 and 11% more units.  The Bar Mekko chart below summarizes the data:

Top 5 PC Maker Growth


The Bar Mekko chart captures both market growth and market size.  The bar widths of each PC maker are proportional to the number of units each shipped in Q3 2014.  The bar heights show growth in Q3 2014 over Q3 2013.  This allows the reader to pick out the highest growth PC makers.  The reader can also see the relative size of each PC maker by comparing bar widths.  I added a data row to present the number of units shipped and a data column to show the total market growth and size.  The axis break focuses the reader on the relative growth of the top 5 by shrinking the height of the “All Others” group.  Here is the chart in SlideShare: