Bar mekko chart showing the top 5 sectors for venture capital investment in Q3 2017.

Top 5 Sectors for Venture Capital Deals

Internet and healthcare were the sectors with the most venture capital deals, largest amount invested in Q3 2017, according to the PwC CB Insights MoneyTree Report Q3 2017. There were 574 internet deals with an average deal size of $13.8M. While there were only 171 healthcare deals, there average deal size was higher at $18.7M. The next largest sector was mobile and telecommunications with 151 deals and a $10.6M average deal size. The top 5 were rounded out by software (non-internet and mobile) and consumer products and services. The data from these five sectors are summarized in this bar mekko chart:

Bar mekko chart created in Mekko Graphics that describes the top 5 sectors for venture capital investment in Q3 2017.

Since there was very little data entry required for this chart, I types the information directly from the Moneytree report. The report had amount invested and number of deals in each sector. I used those to calculate average deal size.

I wanted to focus my chart on average deal size as it varied significantly (and meaningfully) across the five sectors. I made it the height of my bar mekko. I made number of deals the bar width. This made the area of each rectangle proportional to the amount invested in each sector. You can see in the chart that the top two sectors were highest in both average deal size (bar height) and number of deals (bar width).

I added data rows for amount invested and number of deals and set the bar colors to go from blue to green using the standard Mekko Graphics color palette. I chose a 10 point font for my labels to give the chart the best fit and readability. I adjusted my chart margins to improve the look of the chart and made some minor adjustments in my labels as the last three bars were relatively small and had long bar labels.

You can download this chart and edit it in Mekko Graphics.