Stacked bar chart of European Football Club revenue by source

Top Earning European Football Clubs

Manchester United led all European football clubs earning over €650 million in 2016.  The English Premier League contained 8 of the top 20 earning clubs including Manchester City, Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea, Tottenham Hotspur, West Ham United and Leicester City.  Real Madrid and FC Barcelona of the Spanish La Ligue were the second and third highest earners.  The rest of the top 20 included clubs from Germany, France, Italy and Russia.

Revenue were divided among commercial (e.g., branded merchandise), broadcast and matchday (e.g., ticket sales).  The top 6 clubs and 10 of the top 20 relied most heavily on commercial revenue.  For the other 10, broadcast made up the biggest percentage.

Growth rates for 2012-2016 ranged between -4% per year for AC Milan to 60% per year for Leicester City.  The top 5 clubs experienced growth rates between 4% and 24%.

The data, which were compiled by Deloitte, are presented in the chart below:

Top European Football Clubs Chart Only

The horizontal stacked bar is my preferred chart for comparing 20 items (e.g., teams) across three categories.  I made a similar chart for the top paid musicians.  I sorted the bars so that the biggest appears first in each row.  I adjusted my left margin so that each team name appeared on a one line at a 10 point font size.  I used 10 point for all my labels to make the chart easier to read.  I used a legend to display the categories.

I could have added the value for each club in each category on the chart (e.g., the amount of revenue Manchester United received from matchday, commercial and broadcast), but this would have made the chart more difficult to read.  If you wanted to focus only on the top 5-10 clubs, you can add the revenue numbers without the chart being too cluttered.

You can then see the most important revenue source for each team.  I added a CAGR column to show growth in revenue.  As you can see, there is wide variance in growth and a good mix between teams where commercial and broadcast was the most important revenue source.

Here is the chart in SlideShare to download and edit using Mekko Graphics: