Cluster Bar Chart of Income Inequality Comparison For Top U.S. Cities

U.S. Cities with Greatest Income Inequality

Boston is the major US city with the greatest income inequality, based on an analysis by the Brooking Institution.  Households in the 95th percentile of income earn 17.8 times more than households in the 20th percentile.  Graphing this data in a cluster-bar chart allows us to see that some cities like Boston and San Francisco have more very high income households, while others like Cincinnati and New Orleans have more low income households.  Both lead to higher ratios as presented in the chart below:

Least Income Equal Cities

The cluster bar chart allows us to see the high and low income percentiles for each city.  It provides one level of explanation for why each city has high income inequality.  Is it skewed by more high income or low income households?  I added a data row that includes the ratio of 9th to 20th percentile income.  Here is the chart in SlideShare, along with a bonus chart with information on high income inequality metro areas: