Cascade/Waterfall Chart Detailing Who Benefits from Immigration Proposals

Unauthorized Immigrant Executive Action--Who Benefits?

President Obama 's new executive action will benefit 3.9 million of the estimated 11.2 million unauthorized immigrants in the U.S, leaving 5.8 million still ineligible for deportation protection.  The beneficiaries will be mostly parents of children born in the U.S.  The cascade chart below visually categorizes the unauthorized immigrants and adds information on those who benefited from the previous executive action and those ineligible to benefit.  The information comes from the Pew Research Center.



The cascade chart lets you build up the components of a category.  In this case, we build to the total number of unauthorized immigrants.  Along the way, we have two partial totals--total newly eligible and total eligible.  The chart serves two related purposes.  It breaks down the newly eligible into categories, allowing readers to determine why they are eligible and it shows how the newly eligible compare to the ineligible.  Here's the chart in SlideShare, if you want to download it and manipulate it with Mekko Graphics.