Marimekko Chart of Immigrant Eligibility by Country of Origin

Unauthorized Immigrants from Mexico and Central America Benefit Most from Executive Actions

While over 55% of the unauthorized immigrants from Mexico and Central America are eligible for deportation relief under President Obama's executive actions, under 35% of unauthorized immigrants from the rest of the world are eligible.  Mexico and Central America account for the largest numbers of unauthorized immigrants, about 68% of the total.  The chart below summarizes eligibility by birth region.  The reason for this disparity is the eligibility criteria, which benefit most parents of children born in the U.S..  You can see this illustrated in my previous blog post.


The marimekko chart shows the three categories of unauthorized immigrants (newly eligible, previously eligible and ineligible) for each birth region.  The width of each bar is proportional to the total number of unauthorized immigrants from that region.  I added an average line to better show those regions that are above and below average with respect to percentage of people eligible.  I also sorted the bars so that the biggest bar appears on the left.  I think the chart does a much better job of driving home the regional disparities than the table in the Pew Research blog post.  Here's the chart in SlideShare.  Feel free to download and edit it. You can use the free trial of Mekko Graphics if you're not currently a user.