Bar mekko chart of 2016 U.S. auto sales by competitor

US Auto Sales Up .4% in 2016

US auto sales grew .4% in 2016.  Nissan and Honda led the largest auto manufacturers with 5.4% and 3.2% growth in automobiles sold in 2016.  Toyota and GM trailed with 2% and 1.3% sales declines, respectively.  Chrysler and Ford sales were unchanged from 2015 to 2016.  The bar mekko chart below summarizes sales growth and sales volume for 2016, based on data from Motor Intelligence as reported in the Wall Street Journal:

US Auto Sales 2016 chart only

The data for this chart was easy to obtain by copying and pasting the table from the Wall Street Journal site into Excel.  I then deleted information for smaller manufacturers and summarized this in my "Other" bar.  I decided on showing the six largest manufacturers as they each sold over 1M cars in 2016.  It would be relatively easy to add the next two or three biggest without cluttering the chart too much.  I then created my chart in PowerPoint from my data in Excel.  I used the switch bars and series button in the Mekko Graphics spreadsheet as the data came in transposed.

The bar mekko chart allows me to show both the size of the sales increase (bar height) and the volume sold (bar width) in one chart.  I added a data row to show the size of the bar width.  This is a common technique in a bar mekko.  I sorted the bars with the tallest on the left to show the data from highest growth to lowest growth manufacturers, excluding the other series from the sort.  I also removed both the X and Y axis to make the chart less cluttered.  I added an average line and used it show all the growth of the entire market.  This allows you to quickly see whether each major manufacturer is above or below the industry average.  Finally, I colored the individual segments to add some contrast to the chart.

Here is the chart in SlideShare to download and edit using Mekko Graphics: