2 Charts Showing U.S. Vehicle Sales Trend and Sales by Manufacturer and Category

US Electric Vehicle Market

The electric vehicles market is one of the few growth sectors in the automotive market.  Its highest growth comes from two relatively new segments, plug in hybrids and 100% electrics.  These markets are each dominated by different players.  Ford and GM control about 70% of the plug-in hybrid market, while Tesla and Nissan control over 80% of the 100% electric market.   Toyota, with its Prius line, is the largest player in the slower growth conventional hybrid market.

US Electric Vehicle Sales


This two-chart slide provides a picture of the market.  The stacked bar with CAGR column shows the market growth by segment.  Adding the data row puts the growth in context by highlighting the share of the total US vehicle market.  The Marimekko chart presents the relative size and share of the major players.   Here is the chart in SlideShare for downloading and editing in Mekko Graphics.