Bar-mekko chart of US yogurt market growth and share by category

US Yogurt Market Growth

While the largest yogurt categories are shrinking, Icelandic and nondairy varieties are experiencing double-digit growth, as shown in this bar mekko chart.  Greek and traditional make up 45% and 42% of the market are shrinking at 4% per year.  Icelandic and nondairy yogurts account for around 2% of the market each, but are growing at 40+% per year.  Data are from Nielsen and were reported in the Wall Street Journal.

US Yogurt Market Growth as a Bar-Mekko Chart

Bar-mekko chart of US yogurt market growth and share by category

How I Made This Bar-Mekko Chart

The data this chart is presented below:

Data sheet for US Yogurt Market Segment Growth


The category names with market share in parentheses are in the first column, along with a yogurt market share row.  The market share row is used to compute the bar widths.  I typically would use a data row to show the market share (bar width) information.  I did not do this for this data set because three of the bars are very narrow and the data row items overlapped.  I made each bar a separate series, laying out the data along the diagonal.  This allowed me to display the category name and share information in the segment or near the segment in the available whitespace.

Here's how I made the bar mekko chart:

  • add a bar mekko chart the PowerPoint slide
  • enter the data from WSJ into Mekko Graphics Data Editor as described above
  • set the market share row to bar-widths by right-clicking on the row in the Data Editor
  • add the axis break to shrink the bars for Icelandic and nondairy yogurt
  • sort the bars with widest on left in the Format Chart or Bars and Series dialog
  • format bar totals as a percentage
  • adjust internal chart margins and segment colors
  • add y axis title
  • hide axis lines, labels and tick marks
  • move segment labels for smaller segments
  • right justify text in last two labels and left-justify text in Icelandic label

Take This Chart and Make It Your Own

Download this chart and edit it using Mekko Graphics. See more bar mekko charts in our chart gallery. Here are some other charts that may be of interest: