Cascade/waterfall charts of Valentine's Spend by Recipient and Gift Type

Valentine's Day Spend

Ninety percent of American adults spend over $12 billion on Valentine's Day gifts for their spouses and significant others.  Jewelry is the largest gift category and its average purchase price is the highest.  Most surprising among the statistics is that 20% of adults buy gifts for their pets and spend over $700 million on them.  The two cascade charts below, based on data from the National Retail Federation, summarize 2016 Valentine's Day spending by recipient and by gift type.

Valentines Day Spend

The cascade chart can be used in place of a pie chart to divide spending among a set of categories.  I can add data rows to the cascade to show related data for each spending category.  In this case, I added data on the percent of adults who buy, the average amount spent, and the change from the previous year.   The cascade works best in place of a pie chart if there are between five and ten categories and anything smaller is grouped into 'other.'  Two cascades can often fit horizontally on a slide.  Here is the chart in SlideShare to download and edit: