Marimekko chart of the medical device market

What is a Market Map?

A market map provides an overview of a market in a single chart. Often the term "market map" is used interchangeably with its chart type, the marimekko chart. The market map is one of the charts preferred by strategy consultants and it is featured in 10 Strategy Charts, a guide for strategy professionals.

In the example below, you can see that the medical device market is fragmented and each category has a different market leader.

Marimekko chart of the medical device market

Use a Market Map to Answer These Questions

  • What are the largest segments in the market?
  • How does competition vary by region?
  • Which categories are ripe for consolidation?
  • Where are the growth opportunities?

Tips/Best Practices

  • Use data for a single time period
  • Group smaller segments into an “Other” series to improve readability
  • Sort your data so that the biggest bars are on the left and biggest series are on the bottom
  • Exclude a series from sorting if you want it to always appear on the bottom or top of each bar

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