Bubble Chart of Airline Delays by Carrier

Which Airlines Have the Worst Delays?

Airline delays vary greatly from one carrier to another.  Among the largest global carriers, Air China and China Eastern performed the worst with over 40% of their flights delayed and an average delay time of over an hour in April.  The two largest Japanese carriers, JAL and ANA, performed the best with 10% flights delayed and an average delay of just half an hour.  The largest US carriers all had relatively few flights delayed, but their average delay time was high.  The bubble chart below, based on data from FlightStats, summarizes the delay statistics for the largest global carriers for April 2015.

Airline On-Time Performance

The bubble chart shows two key statistics, percentage of flights delayed and average delay time, in a grid allowing you to identify airlines that do well or poorly on each.  The size of each airline's bubble is related to how big the airline is.  In this case, number of scheduled flights is the size metric.  I made a few customizations to improve the chart:

  • bubble colors group the airlines into regions--greens are Asian, blues are North American and tans are European airlines
  • changed the axis scale and added horizontal and vertical lines to split the grid into four quadrants
  • changed the label for the reference bubble to clarify the meaning of the bubble size.

Here is the chart in SlideShare to download and edit using Mekko Graphics: