Bubble Chart of Mobile Advertising Spending by Country

Which Countries Lead the Way in Mobile Ad Spending?

With the growth of smartphones, mobile ad spending is hot.  A close look at spending by country in the top markets shows some surprising results.  The US and UK are high in both the percentage of advertising spending going to mobile and in advertising spending per capita, making them relatively mature markets for mobile advertisers.  Japan and Germany, both large advertising markets, are significantly behind the US and UK in both percentage of mobile ad spend and ad spend per capita.  The chart below groups the top advertising markets into four quadrants with developing countries and southern Europe low in both total ad and mobile spend.  China and South Korea have strong mobile ad percentage, but relatively low per capita spend and the reverse in true in Germany.  The US, UK, Australia, Netherlands, Canada and Japan have both relatively high mobile ad spend and ad spend per capita.  The data for the chart comes from eMarketer.

Mobile Ad Spend by Country

The bubble chart allows you to see one data set along three different measures.  In this case the data is by country and the two measures plotted along the X and Y axes show the relative position of the country (low to high) and the third measure (the bubble size) tracks the importance of the country.  In many bubble charts the X and Y measures are percentages (e.g., market share or market growth) and the bubble size is a numerical measure (e.g.,revenue or spending).  The horizontal and vertical lines and the custom chart coloring group the data into four quadrants (categories).  Here's the chart in SlideShare to download: