Marimekko chart of WHO contributions by country grouped by region.

WHO Contributions by Country

WHO contributions are evenly split among the Americas, Europe and Asia. The Americas contributed $164M or 34% of the 2020 WHO budget. Europe and Asia followed with $156M (32%) and $150M (31%), respectively. Countries in Oceania and Africa in total  contributed 3% to the World Health Organization.

Among individual countries, the US is the largest contributor and it made 24% of WHO contributions. China contributed about half as much as the US. The next largest contributors were Japan, Germany, UK and France.

WHO Contributions in a Marimekko Chart

Marimekko chart of WHO contributions by country grouped by region.

How I Made this WHO Contributions Marimekko Chart 

Here is the WHO contributions data I used to create the Marimekko chart:

Data for Marimekko chart of WHO contributions by country grouped by region.

The data for this chart came from a table that listed the 196 countries that contributed to the WHO and a second list that mapped countries to continents (found in a Google search). I used an Excel VLOOKUP to add continent to the WHO list in an extra column, filling in by hand any that were missed by the VLOOKUP.  I then converted this data to the PivotTable shown above.

Here's how I made the WHO contributions Marimekko chart:

  • add a Marimekko chart in PowerPoint based on the WHO contributions Excel PivotTable data shown above
  • switch to narrow margins to maximize chart area
  • use data scaling in Format Chart, Numbers to change the data in dollars to millions of dollars
  • set the percentage calculations for segment values to the grand total (instead of bar totals)
  • in Format Bars and Series, create an "Other" series and place all series with values less than $1M in Other, reducing the 196 series to a more readable number
  • add smaller segments from Americas, Europe and Asia to Other individually to increase readability
  • show names, values and percentages in segments
  • hide labels for Other segments Oceania and Africa
  • reduce font sizes of 
  • adjust the internal chart margins to have the chart fill the entire width of the PowerPoint container
  • in the Values tab of Format Chart, select grand total in the Calculated Percentage section to make segment percentages calculated with respect to the chart total and not the bar totals
  • format segment values and bar totals as $B
  • display the series name, segment value and calculated percentage in each segment and the bar total and calculated percentage at the top of each bar
  • reduce label sizes in smaller segments, make Australia label vertical and annotate to the right New Zealand, South Africa and Nigeria
  • adjust colors in each segment

Take This Chart and Make It Your Own

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