Bar Mekko Chart of Tennis Player Winning Percentage on Grass Courts

Who Plays Best on Grass?

With Wimbledon in full swing, it might be a good time to see which male tennis players do best on grass surfaces.  Only two of the top 30 grass players of all time are still active–Roger Federer and Andy Murray– and they are both playing quite well this year.  This bar-mekko chart documents the winning percentage, number of wins and number of titles won by the top 5 male grass tennis players.


I used a bar-mekko chart so that I could set the width based on number of wins and the height to show winning percentage.  The taller bars represent players with a higher winning percentage and they are laid out with the highest on the left.  The bar width is proportional to the number of wins.  Hence Sampras’ bar is wider than Borg’s.  I used the Wimbledon colors for fun and used a custom legend to indicate which players were active and which were inactive.  I included the number of wins and number of titles in the series label.  I could have also used data rows for these numbers.  Here is the chart in PowerPoint from SlideShare for you to download and edit: