Marimekko Chart of Super Bowl Advertising by Category and Brand

Who's Buying Super Bowl Ads?

Auto and food and drink companies are the two biggest spenders on ads for Super Bowl 2015.  Tech firms come in a strong third place.  Surprisingly, only one beer company is represented.  The only beer ads are from InBev for the Budweiser and Bud Light brands.  There are a few smaller brands who must be spending a big chunk of their yearly ad budget on the Super Bowl.  For example, Sodastream and Sonos are running commercials.  The data comes from Kantar Media.  The Marimekko chart below let's you see spending by both brand and category.

Super Bowl Ad Spend


The Marimekko chart captures the drill down of Super Bowl ad spending.  You can see the relative size of each category (e.g., auto is twice as big as tech), and the size of each brand within the category.  You can change the Marimekko by choosing different categories.  You could, for example, group beer with food & drink.  You could also make companies rather than brands the items in each segment, grouping the GM spend and the InBev spend into single items.  Here's the chart in SlideShare to download and manipulate using Mekko Graphics: