Marimekko Chart of 2015 Masters Golf Competitors Based on How They Qualified for the Tournament

Who’s Invited to the Masters?

It is arguably the most prestigious golf tournament of the year.  The 98 players competing in the 2015 Master’s qualified by meeting one of 18 criteria ranging from being a previous Master’s winner to being in the top 50 of the world ranking on March 30.  The chart below shows a quick summary of how many participants met each criteria.  Those who met more than one criteria are classified based on the highest (left-most and bottom-most within a bar in the chart) criteria they met.

Players in 2015 Masters


The Marimekko chart provides a quick visual summary of how many players qualified based on the different criteria.  Presenting this data in a Marimekko chart instead of a list by player or by criteria allows you to easily group the criteria and see how big each group is.  I used a custom suffix and prefix for the segment values in the chart (e.g., (8)).  I thought it was clearer to put the values in parentheses so as not to confuse them with the numbers in the segment labels.  Here is the chart in SlideShare to download: