Marimekko chart of Asset Managers with over $1T in assets under management (AUM) by geography

World's Largest Asset Managers

Most of the world's largest asset managers are located in a small corridor in the Northeastern United States.  Eight of the 14 firms that manage $1T or more are in the NY, Boston or Philadelphia areas.  These include the five largest asset managers--BlackRock, Vanguard, Fidelity, J.P. Morgan, and BNY Mellon.  Three others are located in other parts of the US and four are overseas--one each in France, UK, Japan and Norway.  The Marimekko chart below shows the firms grouped by location:

Asset managers with over $1T in assets under management (AUM) grouped by geography and presented in a Marimekko chart created using Mekko Graphics software.

I started to create this chart by copying data from this table on the Visual Capitalist page:

Rank Company Country AUM
#1 BlackRock Inc. USA $5.7 trillion
#2 Vanguard Group USA $4.4 trillion...

I pasted the data into an Excel spreadsheet.  I added a column to the sheet for the location of each asset manager (e.g., NY, Boston,...).  I also used an Excel function =NUMBERVALUE(MID(D2,2,3)) to extract the number component from the AUM column.  Next, I used a PivotTable with rows for company, columns for location, and AUM in numeric form for data to convert the table into the form needed for the Marimekko chart.

I created the chart in PowerPoint from the Excel data.  I used the number format to add the $ and T to my values.  I added location information to the firms that were outside of the Northeast (e.g., added Chicago to Northern Trust label).  I sorted the bars using the custom sort to show the Northeastern cities on the left and the rest of the world on the right.  I sorted each bar with the biggest company on the bottom.  I customized the colors so that each bar had shades of the same color.

You can download this chart and edit it in Mekko Graphics.