Marimekko chart of residential and commercial worldwide air conditioning capacity by region.

Worldwide Air Conditioning Capacity

Residential and commercial air conditioning  capacity by region is summarized in this marimekko chart, based on data from the International Energy Agency.   The United States has about 40% of worldwide capacity and it is about equally divided between residential and commercial.

China and the European Union have very different usage profiles. While almost ¾ of China’s usage is residential, over ¾ of the EU’s is commercial.  They are the second and third largest regions with 25% and 7% of worldwide capacity, respectively.  There could be some significant market opportunities to spread air conditioning into more homes and apartments in the EU.  As temperatures rise, the European aversion for home air conditioning might decline.   Similarly, there could be potential for growth in China in the commercial market.

Marimekko Chart with Data Row

Marimekko chart of residential and commercial worldwide air conditioning capacity by region.

How I Created the Marimekko Chart

The IEA data contained installed air conditioning stock in units and as measured in capacity in gigawatts along with annual sales in units and gigawatts.  I decided to focus on installed stock in gigawatts.  This provided a good indicator of how air conditioning was used in businesses and in homes in the different regions.  I could show that Europeans have not adopted air conditioning as much for home use and China does not use it as much in its factories and offices.

Here are the steps I took to create the chart:

  • use pdftables to bring the data from the IEA pdf into an Excel workbook
  • extract the relevant rows and columns to create the datasheet needed for the Marimekko chart
  • create the chart in Excel and use the switch bars/series button to treat the data as if it was transposed
  • summarize the data for the smaller regions into a Rest of World bar
  • add a column for share of ww capacity and show it as a data row
  • add a legend and show it on top of the chart
  • add the average line
  • show labels in chart as percentages of the bar totals
  • change the colors for the two series

Take This Chart and Make It Your Own

Download this chart and edit it using Mekko Graphics.  Learn more about how to use Marimekko charts.

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