100% stacked bar chart of skiers and ski resorts by region worldwide

Worldwide Ski Market

The Alps dominate the ski market, as shown in this 100% stacked bar chart. While only 15% of skiers are from Alpine countries, 39% of the ski lifts and 80% of the largest ski resorts are in this region.  The data were compiled by Laurent Vanat and are found in the 2018 International Report on Snow and Mountain Tourism. The five Alpine countries of Austria, Italy, France, Switzerland, Slovenia and Liechtenstein have 15% of the skiers in world, but 43% of skier visits are to resorts in these countries.  The Alpine countries have 36% of ski resorts and 39% of ski lifts.  They also have 80% of the 51 largest ski resorts.  Each of these major resorts has over 1 million skier visits per year. America contains 24% of the world's skiers, 21% of its ski resorts, 16% of its ski lifts and 14% of major resorts.  The other Western European countries also have 24% of the world's skiers, but only 12% of its resorts, 17% of its lifts and 6% of the major resorts.  Asia Pacific also has a relatively larger proportion of skiers when compared to ski facilities.  It has 22% of skiers, 19% of ski resorts, 13% of lifts and no major resorts.

100% Stacked Bar Chart of Worldwide Ski Market

100% stacked bar chart of skiers and ski resorts by region worldwide

How I Made This 100% Stacked Bar Chart

I chose the 100% stacked bar chart with different measures in each column to identify potential market opportunities.  The data show that skiers are spread all over the world, but ski resorts and especially large ones are more concentrated.  This type of chart, which some of our customers call a Pareto chart, can be very useful in identifying underserved markets.  In this example, weather is a big factor causing the asymmetry, but that is not always the case. The data for this chart was extracted from the report cited above.  The author had a pie charts that corresponded to each bar in Mekko Graphics chart.  I took the percentage data from the pie charts and the totals for each bar and entered them into the Mekko Graphics Data Editor.  I then added formulas to compute the approximate numbers for each segment (e.g., the number of ski resorts in the Alpine countries).  You can see the data below: Here are the steps to make this 100% stacked bar:
  • enter the data as described above into the first rows of the Mekko Graphics Data Editor
  • use formulas to compute the data in the bottom set of rows
  • open the Bars and Series form to specify that the top set of rows should not appear on the chart
  • hide the chart axes
  • add the segment links
  • add the legend
  • adjust the colors and internal chart margins
  • modify the bar total labels for the first two bars using the in-place editor to add the M as a suffix to just those two bar totals

Take This Chart and Make It Your Own

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